Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Hey there,
I have an extremely large porn collection so I think it's only fair I share it with everyone else on the internet.
I use alot of different forums and what i've found is that most people seem to prefer certain pornstars than others so i'm going to be creating different blogs for different pornstars.
On this certain blog I will post videos of one of the nets most lustful Indian women, the amazing Priya Rai, Enjoy :).
All files are hosted on RapidShare but I may also supply some mirrors on depositfiles.

Instructions on downloading files:
* Click the caps/images , this will open a new window with a linkbucks banner, at the top you will see a counter, either waite 15 seconds or click the Skip This button, this will take you to a page with a image with a preview of what the video looks like. Linkbucks is a great site which pay you $1 for every 2000 clicks you get on your links, so I suggest you sign up and do the same if you want to earn some quick bucks :).

1. Just as above the download links are protected behind linkbucks, click the download link then click skip, this will take you to the rapidshare page
2. You will have an option, either select the Free or Premium download link option, only select premium if you've already got an account there.
3. Hit download and waite for it to finish
4. When downloaded use Winrar to extract the contents (Winrar is a free tool avalible to anyone and needed when downloading most files on the net)
5. A .wmv video files will be outputted, double click it and watch it with Windows Media Player or any other media player of your choice

Enjoy! :).